A Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining Your Student Visa

Our educational counselors work with you to find the right program for your specific needs based on your preferred field of study. Length, cost, location and course schedule are all factors that our experts will take into account when deciding on which programs to recommend to you.

Once we’ve decided on a school together, we’ll help you prepare and submit your application for the school. You need to have an acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution before you can apply to the Government of Canada for a study permit.

When you have your acceptance letter, we’ll be able to apply for the immigration documents that you’ll need to start life as an international student. You’ll also be entitled to an off-campus work permit, and we can help you apply for an open work permit for your accompanying spouse.

Your Canadian credential and experience in Canada make you a great candidate for permanent residency. We can help you transition from an international student to a permanent resident simply and smoothly.

Benefits of studying in Canada

You will be Eligible for an Open Off-Campus Work permit

This allows you to work up to maximum of 20 hours/week in any job position you wish during the course of your study program.

Bring your family with you

Depending upon your course of studies, your spouse may be eligible for an open work permit and would have the potential to work in Canada while you are attending classes. If you have children, they would also be welcome to attend Canada’s world-class public schools without the need of a student visa.

Post - Graduate Work Permit

Depending upon your program of study, you could be eligible for a post-graduate work permit for the same length of time as the academic portion of your study program for a period of up to three years. Additionally, if your spouse is in possession of an open work permit, he or she would also be able to extend his/her work permit status at the same time as the submission of your application for a post-graduate work permit.

We are with you every step of the way

From assisting you with your application for a study permit to advising you toward obtaining your permanent residence to Canada, be assured that you are in the excellent hands of the highly-trained staff at Gill MacGregor.