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We are a full service immigration consulting firm specializing in client representation for refusal matters and all other areas of immigration. All services are transparent with an emphasis on client communication throughout the representation of matters.

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Gill MacGregor Associates International, Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian corporation established in 2005 and operating as a full service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of immigration to Canada. All consultants working within the firm are licensed members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


We are a full-service immigration firm specializing in the representation of all matters pertaining to Canadian immigration.

Our expertise in all areas of immigration has proven critical to the effective delivery of strategic advice, support, and service for our Canadian and international clients.

Permanent Residency

Temporary Residency




Why hire a Temporary Resident Permit lawyer?

Frequently, individuals make the incorrect assumption that applying

for a Temporary Resident Permit is a simple process; it is not. TRP

applications are intended for submission to a Canadian consulate.

Processing times can take months, so it is advisable that travellers make

arrangements to rectify their criminal inadmissibility long before

attempting to enter Canada.

How can I become a permanent resident of Canada?

To be eligible to immigrate to Canada, one must meet the requirements

of one of the many categories of Canadian Immigration:

Federal Skilled Worker Class
Federal Skilled Trades Class
Canadian Experience Class
Business Class
Family Class
and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through a designated

Case Processing Centre/Centralized Intake Office.

How can I become a citizen of Canada?

Only after having resided in Canada for three (3) out of four (4) years

as a permanent resident/landed immigrant of Canada, is one eligible to

apply for Citizenship. If you believe you are eligible to apply for Canadian

Citizenship and wish our assistance, please submit your inquiry online.

What benefits do I have if I am a permanent resident of Canada?

Canadian permanent residents/landed immigrants and citizens enjoy

all of the same rights and privileges (i.e. free health care, free elementary

and secondary education, etc.) with three (3) exceptions:

1.Permanent residents cannot vote;

2.Permanent residents cannot hold a Canadian passport; and

3.Permanent residents can be deported for certain criminal convictions

If I use your services, how quickly does your firm work?

The speed with which we work depends entirely upon you. If you give us

what we need in a timely fashion and follow our instructions, we can work quickly.

If you do not give us what we need in a timely fashion or do not follow our

instructions, properly, processing will take longer.

How long does the Application process take?

Processing times will depend on:

1. the type of Immigration Application;

2. the Case Processing Centre/Centralized Intake Office/Canadian
visa office processing the Application;

3. whether an Immigration interview is deemed necessary in your case;

4. the complexity of your case;

5. how well your case is presented; and

6. the existing caseload in a Case Processing Centre/Centralized Intake
Office/Canadian visa at a given time

Nobody can promise you a specific processing timeframe and any
lawyer/consultant that guarantees processing times is being less than
truthful with you. Lawyers/consultants can give estimates; however, they
CANNOT guarantee processing times as processing times are ALWAYS subject
to change WITHOUT advance notice.

Do not choose a law firm on the basis of how quickly they promise your
case will be processed. Rather, choose a law firm that you feel will be
competent to prepare your case correctly and expeditiously and be attentive
to your needs



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